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Kavit Haria is a business strategist, author, entrepreneur, musician, and public speaker. He runs educational projects with Jay Shetty, two of which are: Genius, a worldwide coaching community, and Jay Shetty Certification School, a globally accredited professional life coaching certification.

As CEO, he runs a remote-first team of 50 people across 9 nations dedicated to making the power of coaching accessible to every human being on the planet.

Kavit’s entrepreneur journey began in 2005 when he launched his first project, Insider Music Business, creating and offering 25+ different info-products serving 120,000 musicians all around the world. He followed this with deep consultancy in over 12 different industries before running workshops and speaking at conferences in Sydney, New York and London. From 2014 to 2018, he launched a flagship service, the Automated Business System, to help experts and small businesses structure, strategise, design and launch their own online, scalable and profitable business.

In 2018 he published his first book, Don’t Sleep On It, on the subject of turning your expertise into a profitable online business.

Kavit currently lives in Dubai. He travels 4-6 months every year to experience the richness and diversity of other cultures all around the world. And he spends time every winter in an ashram in rural India, studying the soul, consciousness, and meditation with his spiritual teacher.

Kavit offers a few limited opportunities for coaching each month.

Discover how to turn your passion and expertise into a profitable online business

Learn from real-life experiences to help transform your expertise into an automated business which reaches more people, saves you time and makes you money while you sleep.

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